gassie our rescue setter

Me and Gassie our rescue Dog

Welcome to the Pets in Italy website. My name is Fiona Tankard and I am a British writer living in Tuscany.

This site has three main objectives:

  1. To serve as a useful resource for foreign residents and visitors. You will find all kinds of information from traveling with your pet in Italy to learning some useful Italian vocabulary. Navigate the information sections of the site using the menu above.
  2. To help Italy’s many homeless animals. I regularly post appeals and also have links to the main online adoption sites in Italy.
  3. To write about my own experiences with my pets in Italy. My husband and I are British and have lived here since 1994, always with animals. We have a cat, dogs – two of which came to us from internet appeals, a pigeon and five alpacas. In the past have also owned geese and a crow.

I am often asked for help or advice and I am happy to help if I can. I do not own a rescue shelter and this site is run in my free time. I see my role as to help with advice and information and to put people in touch with each other. Please feel free to contact me.