Aquila update: the situation for animals 9 months after the earthquake.

I have kept in touch with Francesca
from the Aquila Canine Defence League and she has just sent me this update.

Nine months after the terrible
earthquake that devastated the city of Aquila on the 6 April, the situation for
the animals is even more challenging.

There was always a problem of strays
in the Abruzzo region and before the earthquake it was estimated  there were between four thousand and six
thousand stray dogs in the area of Aquila alone (and who knows what the stray
cat population was.) Obviously this situation has got worse since April, with
missing, abandoned and pets that have been hiding to add to the list.

Aquila’s Lega del Cane (Dog
League) immediately provided food and materials for people who lost their
homes, their jobs or who were having difficulties in caring for their pet. We
also gave food to the ASL local kennels and to the only other kennels in the
area.  We immediately started to help
animals that had been left alone, looking after them in our refuge (that has
already 400 ‘guests’) and left food and water at specific ‘food points’ spread
throughout the city and the surrounding towns and villages.

In these last few months we have
been able to rehome a lot of animals that now live happily with good families.
Many more however are still in need of good homes, and many are still on the

We are constantly asking for
donations of food for the stray cats and dogs in the so-called ‘red zone’ ,
those being the historic centre of Aquila and the outlying villages, which are
barred to the public and now almost uninhabited. We are also trying to capture
and sterilize strays.

To help us with our work in Aquila
and our home for abadoned dogs in the following months and even years you can
donate directly into our current account.

IBAN Code  IT 61 O 07601 03600
000014046676 –


In the name of :"Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane Sezione di

You can also donate using Paypal and
our emailaccount is

You can also send goods: food,
medicine, kennels, blankest etc directly to us at:
 Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane
Sezione di L’Aquila – S.s. 17 bis n° 49 – 67100 Paganica (AQ) – Italia.

We need your help!
For further info and contact:
– email – mobile
39.329.9064859 – fax +39.0862.602196 –

– Twitter


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