Cats and Kittens Looking For New Homes

We have one Italian cat, the son of a stray mamma cat that we rescued who has since sadly died of skin cancer. So it makes me so sad that there are so many abandoned and homeless cats and kittens in Italy.


Additional places in Tuscany to get a cat or kitten:

Rifugio Cinni, near Arezzo, Tuscany:

This cat shelter is run by British vet Dr Malcolm Halliday. They are full to overflowing so it is well worth a visit.

Here are the details:
Rifugio Cinni
located at Cicaleto, Sargiano, Arezzo (AR), Tuscany.

Tel: +39 0575 352201


Visits by appointment only.



  1. Juliet Staveley says:

    Thanks Monique – I could have guessed it would be my favourite cat lover/person who would comment first :o)
    Fiona – meet Monique – my dearest French Canadian friend who I’ve practically adopted as my sister :o) She has the most beautiful rescue greyhound and several rescue love birds and the biggest heart in the world 😮
    Monique – meet Fiona – she’s been such an angel helping to get word of the kitties out and generally being an amazing support from the start of this epic. She has an even larger ‘zoo’ than you! (including cats, dogs and a couple of rescue pigeons :o) )
    Just hope some Italians/expats come to Fiona’s fab wesbite and fall in love with those furrballs the way we all have.
    To everyone out there, please just look at the piccies and imagine what those kitties would add to your home. Email me day or night!
    Thank you <3

  2. Thanks Monique, I have told Juliet about your comment. The descriptions are wonderful, aren’t they? She has been amazing, what a big heart. Please spread the word about these kittens and hopefully this story will have the best ending possible.

  3. Dearest Juliet, you describe your new little charges with so much love already! Very well done! I hope someone falls in love with them soon, they are adorable!

  4. Are there any cats in need of adoption near Vicenza, Italy?? I am looking for a cat and would love to adopt one..or convince a be-draggled stray to come on inside :) Would love to adopt the lil 3 legged tabby, it’s just too cute for words!!

    • If you are still looking to adopt a little girl cat I know of someone who is trying to find a home for her. She is white and orange, sweet little thing. Let me know

  5. Audrey Prentice says:

    I admire you for for doing something to help these poor animals. I have just returned from sorrento near the Grand marina. It broke my heart to see the poor strays that were there. There were so many. I do not want to travel abroad again. One poor creature had been put on top of the buckets it was barely alive and had been burned. I tried to contact a vet but when I went back it was gone.
    Is there any cat rescue centres in this area I would like to get in touch with them.
    Thank you for your assistance.

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