Changes to UK Quarantine Law

On June 30 DEFRA announced long-awaited changes to the UK's outdated quarantine laws to bring them into line with the rest of the EU.

Instead of the six month wait between having a rabies vaccination and then the subsequent all clear blood test, the blood test is to be scrapped and the waiting time post rabies vaccination reduced to 21 days for pets from EU countries and listed non EU countries such as the USA.

The new legislation takes effect from 1 January 2012 and is a huge relief to those of us who travel to and from the UK with pets, as well as those who want to bring an adopted animal into the UK from Italy.

The changes have been made possible because of improvements in the effectiveness of vaccines and mean an end to the dreaded six month quarantine in most cases.

You can read more about it here.




  1. this is going to be a lifesaver! think of all the animals from Italy, Spain, greece, etc that brits can now adopt. Now we just have to convince them.
    BTW can you pass this note on? I found two starving kittens near my house.

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