Dino is Still Waiting – Come On Ex-Pats, Please Help!

You may remember I recently posted about Dino, a stray found by some kind ex-pats in Calabria, but then sadly seized and taken to the dog pound?

I have just had an email from Francis, who was looking after Dino. Here is what she says:"He has now been in the canile for four weeks and I am exasperated with the lack
of a response down here in Calabria. I have trawled the internet looking for
Brits/Americans living down here, and although I have had some nice emails, I
have found nobody to take him. I have asked around endlessly and there is
absolutely no local interest. My husband and I have visited him at the canile
several times and he is not doing well. They pack them in, 4 or 5 to a cage, and
he is very thin and has a piece bitten off the top of his ear. He is clearly
getting bullied and not getting much of the rations. When we go, the guys let us
take him out of the cage for a cuddle and to feed him and he almost heaves from
eating too fast. Yesterday, when they brought him out, he did not eat the food
we gave him. One of the guys said he had eaten already, but when I cuddled him,
I noticed his stomach was swollen and hard which was worrying."

Surely there must be SOMEONE in Calabria who can help this poor soul? Please contact Francis: FiCole@aol.com

Here are two YouTube videos of him, the first one before he was taken to the canile.

And this is when thewy went to visit him at the pound. They were made to wear plastic bags on their feet.


  1. I am so sorry i got the location confused. I know more about Tuscany than Calabria but i wanted to contact the Remax Agents in the area where Dino is located. I shall see where Cosnenza is and start my emails. of course they dont speak english and my italian is “interesting” at best.
    i have just started listening to your radio interview, wish the interviewer would stop talking so much, but while i am packing i can ignore her…..
    Today i sent Dinos plight to my vet, she and i have talked before about setting up a “retirment” home for old pets. having lost my 14 year old, a hospice for sick and elderly pets would be welcome.
    i am STILL VERY angre about this. As an Italian American I cant believe they treat animals so poorly. I did see that in Sorrento but some of the locals always left out bowls of left over pasta for the dogs . I became familar with several of them and saw them often far afield as I was on a 3 or 4 km walk.
    Hope to be in Italia again this fall for the 89 max days i am allowed to visit. I keep looking for a town that I can call “home”. Once Dino is settled in his new home, i want to read more about this organization. i found it was very difficult to join in with the locals. they were polite and friendly but all social events were done with the family. perhaps volunteering with your equalavent of the SPCA will give me some purpose. you can clean cages in any language.
    i have just started a blog on traveling home to italy, traveling solo, etc and hope to link up with all the great travel sites i have been following for years.
    perhaps you would agree to do an interview for my blog: life as a local/former expat. i have a colleague in Firenze who is also British but she can NOT understand why i am so curiouse about the different ways daily life effects me.
    sorry to bore you. think that is why i blog, no feedback! off to post a really angry blog about italian treatment of dino.
    keep all of us here in atlanta, posted.
    oh, a very connected business man in Boston just gave me a contact in Milan. I am telling her also about Dino, you never know who knows someone……………

  2. Hi Lee Thank you very much for your comment. I am actually in Tuscany, the appeal is for a British couple who live down in Calabria who contacted me. They live an hour from Cosenza.
    Thanks very much for the list of associations and I am going to post this on the links page. There are many great people in Italy doing wonderful work and I have regular contact with quite a number of them, but I feel Dino’s best hope is probably being adopted by ex-pats. (I could be wrong!)
    Your support is very much appreciated and please tell people about this site as we haave so many dogs (and cats) who need good homes and so many people working either alone or in small groups who need support.

  3. Fiona,
    after i read your post yesterday i sent emails to anyone with an italian connnection
    the man who i work with in salerno gave me this suggestion, but i dont read enough italian to know if this would help.
    i have also sent your story to the pet rescue here to ask if they have any international connections.
    wish i had a full list of the italian american clusbs in the USA someone must come from your area.
    where are you in Calabria? my family is from Petina and i will be visiting this fall
    hope this helps

  4. lee laurino says:

    this made me cry. i am not familiar with calabria but i have a “freind” in salerno who is well know on his blog.
    is it too far for him to try to find someone to help?
    would money to the pound help?
    could a rescuse group here in the USA influence the pound not to do anyting terrible?

  5. Thank you Kathy, the more people that know the better chance of finding good homes for at least some of these poor dogs.

  6. My heart breaks for all of these dogs. Dino’s story has really touched me. I am linking to it on Twitter and am about to put it on Dream of Italy’s Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/dreamofitaly
    Kathy, http://www.dreamofitaly.com

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