Adopt Me! Dogs and Puppies in Italy Looking for New Homes

First of all, it’s great you are thinking of getting a dog or a puppy. There are plenty of them in Italy looking for good homes.

How to source a pedigree.

  • If you want a particular breed then Google the breed and the area you are in, for example” Yorkshire terrier, Roma” .
  • You can also check out your local free ads paper
  • Ask at your local vets or pet shop
  • Look up breeders in your area. The Italian word for breeders is “allevamento”. You may need to use the Italian name of the breed, so use an online dictionary to get the breed translated. you can then do a Google search for “allevamento pastore tedesco lazio” for example (German Shepherd breeders Lazio.)

Please don’t email me asking to help you find puppies  for sale. I don’t know of any or have any contacts.

Adopting a rescue dog

If you are thinking of getting a puppy or adult dog, then please consider adopting a dog that needs a home from a canile or refuge. Our own beautiful English setter Gassie and our crossbreed Mana’ were both adopted through answering appeals on the internet . They are just wonderful.

  • Ask at your local comune for the name of your local canile (dog home)
  • Ask your vet
  • Ask in pet shops, which often have ads by the counter for  homelessdogs
  • Look in the local free ads paper. The word for “free” is regalo, in regalo or regalarsi
  • Do an online search using keywords for example “cane in regalo, Arezzo”
  • Ask your neighbours or in the local bar
  • Visit one of the many sites online devoted to finding homes for dogs. The links are below. Please note that many of these sites are run by volunteers and often they don’t reply to emails. It is always best to phone if you can. If you don’t speak Italian get an Italian speaking friend to call for you.

Here are links to the main Italian sites for rehoming dogs and puppies:



  1. I have a female English bulldog for adoption , please am moving out from my present location in a week time ,any interested should contact me fast for more details.and recent photos

    • Michelline,

      Hi, My wife and I are looking for a dog and was wondering if still available could we get some more details and pictures.

      Thank you,

    • Hi, I was wondering if you bulldog was still up for adoption my wife and I would be very interested.


  2. hello, we live in Bedizzole, Italy, and i work long hours and i was trying to find a dog to spend with my wife while i am at work.We would be fine with any sort of age, just having problem finding a shelter near our location. We are near Dezenzano del Garda 40 min away from Bresica but finding it difficult to find a place that either sells or adopts away dogs. Thank you please email me if you can think of any near us.

  3. Alexia Redfearn says:

    Hi my name is alexia , I am looking for a puppy . Me and my husband live near avaino Italy and would love to have a dog in our home . I was wondering if you had a place where we could get a puppy ?

  4. My husband and I are stationed in Vicenza and would like to adopt a pup. Any info on where we can do that nearby?

    • Hi Melissa

      It’s wonderful you are thinking of adopting a dog. As I wrote in the reply below, to locate your nearest canile (pound) ask at your comune or local vets or pet shop, or google “Canile Vicenza”. Also Google “cane in regalo” or “cucciolo in regalo” plus the name of the place you are stationed. (E.g.”cane in regalo Vicenza”). You can also search the sites I have mentioned above and get hold of a copy of your local free ads paper and seach “animali”.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Was wondering it you were still looking for a dog. We have recently moved from Naples Italy where we were stationed and brought with us to Livorno an 18 month old female we rescued who we need to find a home for. Unfortunately we have rather a small house and currently have 3 other dogs. Or alternatively if you know of anyone who can give her a good home. She is spaded, vaccinated, microchipped and in good health. Kind regards, Heather

  5. me and my husband are moving to aviano italy soon and i was wondering where i could find puppies or pure bred dogs ive been wanting a german shepherd but i do not want to pay 1500-4000 for one where we are now they are going for 100-800 thank you please email me if you have any information

    • There are thousands of dogs looking for homes in all parts of Italy. If you want to start looking before you arrive then visit one of the sites I have mentioned above. Also Google “canile Aviano” and that will give you info on your local dog pound. Once you are in Italy visit your town council (comune), local veterinarian, pet shop and buy the free ads paper to find dogs looking for homes. In the papers they are usually described as “in regalo” o “regalasi” (free – a “gift”).

  6. Hi,

    I’m happy to have found this post. Maybe you can help me. My boyfriend and went on holiday in Palermo and visited Cefalu several times. There was a stray cat that immediately caught my attention. Starved as to the point it looked like a walking skeleton, he was limping and covered in bumps caused by various insects. I’ve noticed numerous stray dogs and cats in Palermo and cities/villages nearby. I started walking around with both cat and dog food just in case and even ordered a plate of antipasti just to feed some. Do you have any idea where I could locate an organisation that would try and help this cat or is there a possibility of having it transported to the Netherlands so I can find proper care for him, Mr. Jingles by the way. Thank you very much.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi

      This is such a common problem with people on holiday. Cats are often given a lot less respect than dogs in some parts of the country, sadly.Let me know via the contact form if you still need help on this.

  7. Adrian Lassiter says:

    I don’t want to give this dog away but I have no choice. He’s a 3 year old German/ Australian shepherd. Very obedient is house trained and actually will listen to you when you tell him to go away. I adopted him from a previous owner in December 2012 because he’s son had allergy issues. I didn’t want him because of the breed I wanted him in order to help the shipmates son of which was suffering from allergic reactions. Non the less lived with him for a while and fell in love with him. I only want loving caring owners for this dog. Due to weight regulations for base I am not allowed to keep him.His shots are up to date until 2015. He is Neutered and also micro chipped. Weights approximately 72 pounds. not to forget he is cage trained. He is truly mans beat friend.

    • I was just wondering if you were still looking for someone to adopt the shepherd? If so my wife and me would love to get some information about him.

      • Hi Will

        He has now found a home, thank you. But there are numerous other dogs in canili up and down the country looking for loving homes.

        • Hello Fiona

          My husband and I have a puppy but are very interested in getting another addition to our family. He would very much enjoy having a brother or sister. Do you know if there is any one who would let us (Americans) adopt a puppy or dog?

  8. Hello, I am posting this on behalf of my Mum who lives near Chivitella in Abruzzo. They have just found 3 young puppies abandoned in a box by the side of the road. Mum would love to take them in however we have to be realistic as she is not in Italy all year round. They are adorable and very young – to quote mum ‘it’s heart breaking’.
    Unfortuanly mum’s house lost it’s broadband yesterday (lightening strike) however I can provide her phone number should anyone be interested. P.S. mum speak great italian.
    Many thanks, kind regards Daniel

  9. hi. they may have puppies here but one thing’s for sure, they are all wonderful. i adopted a dog a week ago from a shelter here in pisa and i’m very happy (so is he!)

  10. Christopher says:

    Looking for an preferably all black kitten to adopt, the younger the better, male or female not particular.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Hi, I am looking for a German shepherd puppy to adopt if anyone knows of one. I live in Aviano and I am having trouble finding one.

  12. carlòs again. here’s my email. Incase anyone have a small breed of dog.. Im willing to adapt..
    Thats my email and also my facebook acc.. Ty nd Godbless

  13. Have just literally found 4 puppies on the road side in a bush, 2 boys (brown), 2 girls (beige and black) – photo to follow if you are interested. We can not keep them unfortunately as we only have a town house – I would love to keep them but we will have to be realistic about it :(
    If you live in Sicily and you are looking for a dog please get in touch we would consider driving to where ever you are as long you are definitely serious of taking one or more!!
    Email me: with your phone number and I call right back!

  14. I am looking for a male maltese and I would be very interested in adopting him. My name is LaTonya my email is

  15. i have a male and female Maltese puppy looking of lovely home and caring home for free adoption

  16. i actually wanted a pet…a cute pet….i live in Rome Italy Via Casal Dei Pazzi if you have any puppies that are lost (only one) you can give me….im ingrid

  17. Well you know Jo, animals that are meant to be with us have a way or reaching us no matter how far away…

  18. Hi Fiona
    Thank You for the reply! I have e-mailed Francesca now.
    I can’t get this puppy out of my mind. I know she’s pretty faraway from us, so we’ll see what happens.
    By the way, I have followed your blog for a few months now, since we moved to Italy ~ keep up the good work!
    Jo x

  19. Hi Jo
    I updated this last week in response to an email from Francesca so as far as I know they are still available! Why not get in touch with her direct or call the number given (her grandparents number I think) then they can confirm the dog you like is a female. They are a little bigger now as the pix were published in August. Thanks for considering them. Fiona x

  20. Hello!
    First of all, thank you for posting photos of dogs needing a home ~ happy endings do exist!
    Are these two puppies still looking for a home? The one on the right (with redish color ears), that’s a girl, right?
    We are interested, but we live in North Abruzzo.. It’s still an option though, so for now I’d like to know if these two babies are still looking for a home.
    Thank You

  21. says:

    I hope that someone can help me find a temporary home for two beautifully well behaved little friends of mine.
    Fergus is an 8 year old Jack Russell (English) and Calamaro is a 4 year old mongrel (from the streets of Amalfi). Both castrated, friendly with everyone, and fantastic with Children.
    They like their home comforts, and spend most of the day playing with each other happily, and lounging about in their beds.
    They need to be homed together, as they have never been apart, for a period of 6 months, whilst their pet passports are processed.
    I hope that someone will be kind enough to help me re-home them, yet brave enough to give them up again in 6 months. As they are both hilariously funny and so affectionate, its hard not to love them as I do.
    Please contact Clare on 388 192 6666

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