English Speaking Vets

Here is a list of English speaking vets in Italy as recommended by various expats around Italy. If you have any to recommend please contact me and I will add them to the list!

Dott Valleriani Valeriano
Tel: 0861 592999


Naples: Dr. Carlo Damiani, Via Monterusciello 33H, Monterusciello (NA). Tel:081 524 6522. email: avernovet@katamail.com

Dr. Dorothea Friz, Via Mario Tommaso, Castel Volturno. (She also runs a rescue centre called Lega Pro Animale http://legaproanimale.org/ )


Bologna: Dott. Daniel Laino (American vet), Ambulatori Veterinari Associati, Via Caselle 11, San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna,Italy   tel.  (051) 466503       email: ambvetass@msn.com

Dr Ron Levine
Via Friuli, 11,
PN Roveredo In Piano
Tel: 0434 949696

Fiammetta M. Rossi, DVM
Rome (I’m trying to get her contact details)

Via San Sebastiano, 21 – 62028 Sarnano (MC)
Le Marche
Tel: 0733.658374 – 347.9364256
e-mail : henaannavini@yahoo.it

Dott.ssa Angelita Serri
Via Faleriense 36-Passo S. Ginesio-MC
Tel: Tel 349 8653579



Dott Massimo Raviola
Corso Marconi 17
011 6690207

Dr. Salvatore Musa
Via Tevere n. 13
72019 San Vito dei Normanni (BR)
Tel: 0831 951065 Mob: 347 376 1152


Clinica Veterinaria H24 Firenze

Via Senese 259/b, 50124 Firenze

tel.  055 2322025,  cell. 347 0680987 , email: info@vet-24h.com

Dr. Malcolm Holliday, Via Antonio Nardi, 16
52100 Arezzo AR, Italia
Tel: 0575 352201

Dr Francesco Gallorini, San Silvestro, half way between Castel Fiorentino and  Cortona. Lovely man, good vet, speaks a lot of English.
Tel: 0575 651442

Ambulatorio Veterinario Andreotti – Lucchesi
Dott. Andreotti & Dott. Lucchesi,
55051 Barga (LU)
Tel: 0583 724146

Dr. Orsi,
Clinica Veterinaria.
Valle dei Fiori,
Piazza Mercato, 2,
Pescia 51017
Tel: 0572 476975


50125 Firenze (FI) – 5, v. Cantagalli
tel: 055 2336143, 347 6106693
email: aledocvet@libero.it

Dr. Amato John de Paulis
57 Via Giusti – Ferro di Cavallo
email: amadep@tiscali.it
Tel: 347 3 326 647



Vicenza:  Dott. Serena Bressan at Sirio Veterinary Clinic, 0444 305543.


  1. Josephine Nicotra says:

    I need help, I am an Australo Italian expat living in Abu Dhabi (near Dubai), with a very seriously ill darliing pussy cat Felix. He has hyperthyroidism and requires Iodine 131 radiation treatment. I would appreciate it if any one can inform me if this treatment is available in Italy. It is easier for my cat to be transported to a European country for the treatment than back home to Australia due to both quarantine and other issues. I speak fairly fluent Italian so i would rather have Felix treated in Italy where I can at least communicate with the vet, than Germany or France, as I do not speak either countries language. Can anyone be of any assistance? I would be most greatful. Thank you. Josephine

  2. im vet. in police academy in egypt in equine dep.and i have pets clinic.
    i can make externalship in u clinic for 2 weeks at summer time

  3. Hi Brooke

    I have replied to you privately about this. As I have explained the law in Italy does not allow pets to be euthanised unless they are dying or suffering, so they were just sticking to the law, although this can sometimes work against the welfare of the animals, as seems clear in this case.

  4. brooke wilson says:

    hello, I am looking for help for a blind cat. I need a vet who will preform euthanasia for me and cannot find one in my area. I am in tuscany between florence and Siena. The cat is 13 to 15, has become blind this spring. I am leaving for the year on the 1st of Aug. I have been paying for 8 years to have this cat fed 9 months a year while I am not here. It was abandoned on my property.. It has lived out these years. When I arrived this year it was malnorished. I do not want this cat adopted out, I feel it is cruel to change its enviroment at this point. Two vets have turned me down saying unless the cat is suffering they will not euthanize her.

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