Good Home Needed for Lovely Young Dog

Marco MarconiI've been contacted by Johanna who lives in Castel Castagno Abruzzo about a young stray dog she took in just before Christmas. She writes: "The dog was living in a busy roundabout, he was skinny and dirty. I don't know how long he had been there. We suspect someone had simply dumped him there as there aren't any houses nearby, and it was a strange place for a dog to stay at. There is a little parking lot there, which is probably where the previous owner left him.

We've named him Marco Marconi and he's such a sweetheart, a really GOOD dog. Even when he was living in the roundabout, hungry and cold, he never failed to be friendly and charming. He's an adult, but still very young – something over a year, perhaps. He reminds me of a Collie. Marco is a good dog, he's 100% house-trained (in fact, has never had an 'accident' indoors). He weighs about 18 kilos, barks about once a week (=not a loud dog), is very friendly towards people and other dogs (he'd love to play with every dog that comes across him). He also gets excited about cats, but I've never had a chance to test how he'd be with them. Chickens he doesn't care much about. 

He's never showed any aggression, even if you take his food away from him. He's pretty athletic and loves to be outside, but he's also a perfect indoor dog, laid-back and easygoing. He walks fine in a leash, pulls only if other dogs join us (wants to play with them). He'd be perfect for a couple, or a single person (man or woman), or even a family. He's just one of those dogs that adjusts and is a pleasure to be around!

I took him in only to help him. I saw what a wonderful dog he is, and he really needed help. And he deserves a good life, and good people to be with. I took him in to get him well, and to find him a loving home. Now he's well rested, checked by a vet (he's healthy, dewormed), he's gained some needed weight, and has finally started to get that spark back.

We think he is around a year old, a little over. He hasn't been neutered and no microchip. He has had a full veterinarian checkup, and he is healthy. About transportation – that is open for discussion, whether we can bring him all the way or half way, or if the people can come to get him. 

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