Pastore maremma mix dogs

Please help rehome these Maremma mix sisters

I have been contacted by Susanna from ANZIO, LAZIO who sadly has to rehome two Maremma mix sisters aged four as a result of her parents’ divorce. She was studying abroad and it seems her mother and partner neglected the dogs.

Susanna writes: “It breaks my heart to give them away, they are loving creatures and have been my support through difficult times. Nanà and Naminè are good guardian dogs and are also very intelligent. I am getting them trained. They are microchipped. They are both female, sisters from the same mother.

They are not used to kids, Naminè seems to be able to tolerate cats but Nanà does not. They have not been sterilised.

They are used to being inside and outside. I think a garden is needed to keep them because they have always been used to be in the garden. However they sleep inside. They have had some bad experiences with my mother’s partner and with my mother. They were not let out of the garden for walking and were not kept properly. I was studying abroad and were not able to avoid it. Therefore they are cautious with people and accepting strangers in their group. They are fine with other dogs. I am getting them trained to improve their behaviour and self confidence. They are learning very well but I am aware that we need someone that will make an effort for these dogs to give them finally a normal life. This is why I am contacting you, I am very concerned for their future. I am not able to keep them financially nor in terms of space or time but I sincerely want to amend for how they have been treated. I wish for them a good owner that will be willing to understand their situation and co-operate with me and the educator to give them the life they deserve.

I truly hope you can help me and I thank you sincerely for any help you will be able to provide me and them. We are looking to give them away together or separately.


Please contact Susanna email:

Tel: 377 4867496

Three Lovely Puppies Looking for Home

Beth has contacted me from Abruzzo. Although she has just moved to Italy she has already rescued three puppies who were dumped at the side of the road. She now wants to find them loving homes with responsible, experienced dog-loving families. This is what she writes:

puppy Molly


Puppy Tyler


Puppy Rex


Their names are Rex, Tyler and Molly but they are still getting used to them so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind changing them for the right family. They are three months old approximately and they have been chipped, wormed, flea treated, had two of their vaccinations (3rd one due in a month’s time 9th august) each have scallibore collars which are inexpensive and protect them against fleas, ticks and mosquitos.

The vet guessed that they are a mix of spinone italian hunting dogs and Staffordshire terrier. They want to be indoor dogs not kennel dogs and are looking for a family to love them and spend a lot of time playing with, walking and snuggling them.

“They are still learning to be house trained (it’s a lot harder teaching three at a time!!) but they will use a litter box most of the time if they get carried away and forget to go outside in time. They are beautiful little characters already full of excitement and typical puppy mischief. I want to be absolutely sure they are going to good homes who know how to properly look after a dog and the extra time and love needed to help a puppy fully develop. They want to be equal members of a loving family not lawn ornaments or guard dogs.

“I am still in the early stages of learning italian so my grasp of it is still fairly poor but any Italian speakers can email me and I will use google translator to help me out :) These beautiful little puppies had a rough start to life. They were dumped in a rubble tip at the side of the road in the boiling heat hungry and alone and they under no circumstances want their children to have to go through the same thing. For this reason I would ask anyone considering adopting them to have them neutered/spayed at the appropriate age this also gives the puppies a chance at a longer life as cancer originating in the reproductive system is a huge killer in the canine world.

“It would probably be best to rehome them separately to homes without dogs currently as they are starting to become a little territorial over things like food and toys. (It’s probably a phase but just in case being as I don’t know either of their breeds well and it may be a quirk of the breed rather than the age.)

“I am based at Valviano near Bisenti, Abruzzo, but for a great home I would be willing to travel further afield of needs be the important thing is that the puppies get the quality of life that they deserve.

email:  phone: 0044 759 5771007

Poppy the Puppy Needs a Home

Puppy in Abruzzo needs a home

Please can you give me a home?

I have had an email from Vic, who rescued a puppy from the canile, but needs to rehome her as he already has three dogs. The puppy is located in Abruzzo. This is what he writes about her:

“Poppy” is originally from a kennel; had been dumped there. She was sick the first few weeks, before we took her in for fostering. Her time in the kennel was not ideal. She has now gained some weight and energy, is perfectly healthy and doing great. She is a very special and charming little puppy – loves to play with other dogs! She is quiet and enjoys her bones & toys.

She is shy at first with new people, but will come around once she knows you are okay. She will need more socializing in general (new people, new places etc). She is about 3-4 months old, almost housebroken, knows how to sit and give a paw. She will be future medium/big in size. She is submissive, so will be fine with all dogs including alphas.

The ideal home for her would be a responsible person/family who loves dogs. Other dog(s) in the house would be ideal, as she loves to play! She can be kept outside in the yard/garden, and/or indoors. She hasn’t done any damage in the house, regardless of being a puppy – except the occasional “accidents”.

She is microchipped, wormed and vaccinated. Located in Abruzzo. Anyone interested can contact us via e-mail. (We can then talk on the phone too.)


Can You Help Ugo?

Katharina has written to me asking if I can publicize information about a lovely dog in the canile who is desperate for a loving home.

She writes:


Can you give me a home please?

“This is UGO. 2 year old boy. Taglia media. ( approx 14kg). Loves other dogs and children. Very sweet and payful. Was brought to the canile in August cause the owner got pregnant.

Canile in Nicotera Superiore ( Salerno)

Contact: Gianna Senatore on Facebook

Or Tel:+393476686666

Or myself: +436642307509

Adoption is controlled . (Adozione controllata)

Could you help this lovely dog?

Home Needed for Freddy – Can You Help?

Freddy homeless dog

Can you give me a home please?

This lovely young dog is in urgent need of a home. He has been found and cared for by Inga, who wrote to me about him as follows:

“He arrived at our little holiday home situated just outside Bastia, Licciana Nadi last Saturday night.  He followed friends home after they left us late that evening. They passed him on to us on the Monday, as they were returning home on the Tuesday.

About Freddy – we learn more about him every day.  He has been extremely well looked after, is very healthy with no tics and is not in any way undernourished.

Freddy - homeless dog

This is show Freddy’s size.

IMG_0871We took him to a vet who said that he had no microchip possibly due to the fact that he is quite young.  He will generally sit when told, likes going for walks in the countryside, really likes people and being around them and is very friendly.  I took his ‘chew’ away from him today to see his reaction – he wagged his tail and proceeded to retrieve it when thrown !  He is living outside, as our almost 10 year old Irish Terrier James thinks he is an intruder.  Our Burmese cat has decided to hide in the house under our bed.  He is very clean and only makes messes etc when taken down the terraces.  He never wanders off.  This is such a super dog that it fills be with huge sadness that he may end up in kennels.  For someone wanting a lovely young, healthy and enthusiastic dog they could not do better.

Our poster is very basic, mainly due to my bad Italian, but we have posted it all around this area and beyond and hope that someone will claim or adopt him.  We return home in the near future.  It breaks my heart to think what might happen to this chap who has stolen and already broken my heart.  ”

Size:  Fred is 32″, 82 cms   from his nose to the base of his tail.  That is quite long with a white tip.  He is 181/2 “, 47 cms high, his head is 9″, 22 cms long and his front leg is 10″, 26 cms long.  His chest is 9”, 22 cms across.  At a guess he weighs 20 kilos, not an easy one.  He is now over his long trek here, although one paw still has a small cut.  He does need a lot of exercise and a strong person to keep him in order.  He is delightful, but full of himself.

Contact: Italian mobile: 329 1667 831