Rescue Many Horses – Inspirational Video Clip

I came across this Dutch horse rescue this morning and had to share it with you. Have a hankie ready – it is amazing, inspirational and uplifting. It doesn’t matter if you love horses or not!


Going Riding After 18 Years!

Well, I'm in Bournemouth visiting my Mum and yesterday I suddenly got the urge to go riding. That's not strictly true. I've wanted to go riding again for years but never had the courage so I'm not quite sure why yesterday was the day, but there you go!

I booked a half hour private lesson and two hours later I was in a field on a 15- hand laid-back grey called Reg doing the rising trot! Wow Wow! I loved it. It all came flooding back! I had a great teacher (not like those bossy horsey people who used to scare the hell out of me!) and apparently I had a good position, good posture, good hands and did very well. I feel so great even though my legs were like jelly when I got off. More, more!