*UPDATE: Very happy to report that the situation was resolved and all the animals are safe and back in the UK!*

I have been contacted by Sarah in Abruzzo who for personal reasons has to return to the UK by 20 January. She is looking to rehome 4 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats.  The dogs have been living as part of the family for several years, the cats came as kittens and are a year old.

All of them (cats and dogs)  are castrated, vaccinated, chipped and have European passports. (NOTE: For some reason these photos are showing upside down on ipads and iphones but fine on desktop. I have tried to fix it but can’t so am publishing them anyway, don’t let it put you off!)



PONCHO: 7 year-old mixed breed, found abandoned in freezing weather starving having been cut down from a wire.





Marley needs a home


MARLEY: 5 year-old mixed breed dog found starving. He does not like black dogs and will bite them.





chinhuahua Burtie


BURTIE: 4 year-old Chihuahua, dumped at Sarah’s feet by feral mother who then ran off. Born with only three working legs. Big character. Probably best homed alone as he doesn’t like other dogs but is fine with cats.






SHAKESPEARE: 3 year-old Golden Retriever thrown from a vehicle in the middle of nowhere, had broken ribs and was starving. He had terrible trust issues leading Sarah to believe he was abused. He is now a loyal and loving dog but is not good with children.








PUSHKIN and BUDDHA, one year-old brother and sister cats hand reared from 10 days old when their mother died. Friendly, affectionate, good with dogs, need to be homed together if possible.


CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Sarah on (0039) 342 515 1416

email: saharagriff@hotmail.com.


Loving Home Needed for Ketty, Young Cat Neighbours Say Should “Die Slowly”.


UPDATE: Ketty has now been rehomed with a lovely family – great news and thank you to everyone who helped!

I have been contacted by Gissela (who lives in the USA) who is trying to help her mother, Ana, who lives in PIACENZA rehome her lovely young cat, Ketty. 

Ana works as a live-in personal geriatric nurse and her employer gave her a kitten that she didn't want almost two years ago (Ketty is 1 year and 10 months old). Initially Ana's employer let her keep the cat in the house but she has now changed her mind and so poor Ketty has to spend her days outside and her nights in a warehouse nearby, where Ana has given her a bed and keeps her food bowls, as you can see in the photo. Ana feeds her there as well. The problem is that sometimes the warehouse gets locked and Ketty cannot get into her new "home".

Gissela writes: “My mom waits for Ketty to return in the evenings in order to unlock the warehouse and let her go to bed. Everyday in the morning my mom unlocks the warehouse and feeds Ketty. It is a daily routine that she happily do it in order to keep Ketty safe. My mom feels frustrated and heart-broken because she wishes she could keep Ketty inside the house and give her a better life. She has to return to South America in December 2012, but sadly she cannot afford to take Ketty with her.

"She does not really know many people around Piacenza , and the few people she knows are not interested in adopting the cat. No one around where she lives is willing to take over and take care of the cat and had even told my mom that the cat will have to die slowly. It bothers us how cold-hearted some people can be. “

Therefore Ana and Gissela are hoping to find someone who can adopt this lovely little cat.

Ketty has been vaccinated and neutered. She is sweet, docile, friendly, and playful. She is scared of dogs because when she was a kitten the dogs from the house used to chase her. She likes friendly cats, but is terrified of cats who don't like her.

If you are around Piacenza or Milano  - or can travel there – and love animals and can give a loving home to this beautiful little cat, PLEASE CONTACT GISSELA by EMAIL: glaurente@gmail.com

or phone Ana's mobile in Italy 0039-3881697694. 

Thank you.