Cookbooks for Your Dog – Literally!

Canine Cuisine I have been considering cooking for my three dogs as they are currently on Orijen which is very good for them, but expensive (cost: one arm and one leg per week.) I also thought it might give them a bit of variety.

I ordered the wonderfully named Canine Cuisine by dog expert Elaine Everest after reading great reviews on Amazon and yesterday the book arrived, to my great delight as I LOVE getting books!

It is excellent, with a tremendous variety of recipes for kibble, biscuits, treats, doggie birthday fare and more. One criticism I have is that there is no indication of how many dogs (or indeed what size of dog) can be fed from one recipe, which is a bit of a bummer as that is ‘need to know’ info in my opinion.

I read the book yesterday afternoon in front of the woodstove (it is FREEZING here at the moment) and then, stupidly, left it on the coffee table while I went back to the sub-Arctic office for a bit more typing with numb fingers.

On my return, I discovered one of the dogs (I suspect naughty Setter Gassie) had clearly taken the title of the book literally. In one of life’s little ironies, Canine Cuisine had become canine cuisine as you can see by the chewed cover above.

You couldn’t make it up!