Pet Healing 1 – EFT, the Amazing Tapping Technique

I have a great interest in alternative therapies and natural healing techniques, especially for animals. I am going to put together several pages on the ones that have worked for me over the years here in Italy.

I don’t know if you have ever tried
acupuncture? Originating in China
treatment involves having very fine needles inserted into specific points
linked to the body’s 14 meridians or electrical energy points. A couple of
years ago I had acupuncture on a bad knee and apart from not being painful at
all, it worked!

A technique closely related to acupuncture
but without the needles is the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short.
It’s very simple and rather than use needles, you just tap on key points associated
with the 14 meridians to help alleviate physical, mental and emotional problems. The technique was the brainchild of Gary
Craig back in 1995 and is based on the principle that physical and emotional
symptoms are a result of energy blocks in the body’s meridians. Tapping and
focussing on the problem can release the blocks. It is a fast technique, each
round of taps taking only a minute or so but years of problems can be resolved.

I’ve had a go at this with great success
and learned the basics from Gary
’s website and his free manual. He also has a great and informative
newsletter where practitioners and patients report on the results they’ve

OK, so this is all very well, but what
about the animals I hear you cry? Well hold up there me hearties, because EFT
works for animals too! Obviously they don’t tap themselves (their paws are too
big- LOL) so you have to do it for them. This technique is known as ‘surrogate
tapping’. Once you know the right places then there are several ways to tap for
your dog, cat, rabbit, horse – any pet really. When we got our mongrel puppy Maia
two years ago and she woke us up in the night whining and crying I used the
technique and it worked within 30 seconds.

 EFT’s success rate for both people and pets
is an astounding 80 percent for certain problems. I bet there are a lot of
doctors and vets who would like that kind of healing result.

are amazing too and well worth a look. You can also visit Gary’s EFT site and read the articles on 
EFT for animals