PETS IN ITALY IS PROUD TO SUPPORT the non profit animal rescue association Lo Scudo di Pan (Pan’s Shield). If you can spare anything at all then please donate by Paypal. They have huge problems raising enough money to keep going. (Scroll down to end.)


Lo Scudo di Pan is a non-profit association established in 2006 to defend animals in need. For us, every animal rescued from the streets or from mistreatment is a great victory and spurs us on to continue our quest, whatever the difficulties. We receive no grants or aid from public funds; to feed and look after the animals in our care we rely on the dedication of volunteer members and the generosity of the people who support our cause.


Every day, Lo Scudo di Pan comes across emergencies of all types: animals run over and injured on the road, shot by careless hunters, abandoned with serious illnesses and in a dreadful state, mistreated and kept chained up, entire litters abandoned with no sustinence by uncaring owners… Often we can save them and manage to get them adopted by a loving family. Sometimes they die, despite all we can do. Sometimes they survive but are so traumatised that they cannot be adopted and so have to stay with us. Lo Scudo di Pan is one big family, in which the animals are known and cared for as individuals. All our guests have tales to tell of abandonment or mistreatment, many of them have serious health problems and are in need of constant care.

CATS: There are many cats in our care, both adults and kittens in need of good homes; we have also rescued animals suffering from FIV/FELV (feline AIDS) which are kept in a separate compound.

DOGS: Lo Scudo di Pan provides a refuge for many dogs, some of which are paralysed in their hind quarters but are still able to get around thanks to “dog wheelchairs” specially made for them. In fact, our mascot is a happy little terrier, Flippo Lippo, with his own “wheels”.


For years we have welcomed animals in the direst need with open arms but now the small refuge in our own home, in which we care for more than 90 animals, has become inadequate due to lack of space and we are unable to accept any more … However, we have a dream: to move to a site well away from the built-up area, where we can take in a greater number of animals in a space better suited to them, where we can install a clinic to carry out veterinary procedures, a kitchen to prepare food, a laundry room… in fact, everything necessary to ensure the best in hygiene and functionality, a place where our many friends can live a happy and secure life. Help us to realise our dream of a new refuge for Lo Scudo di Pan and to promote this appeal to others. Talk to all your friends and acquaintances, promote this quest to meet the need for a suitable place to save and restore dignity to a large number of animals, whose fate can be drastically improved thanks to your help. Just as the ocean is made up of many drops of water, so even a small donation can help to establish the refuge. With deepest gratitude from Lo Scudo di Pan.


If you would like to make a donation we would be deeply grateful.



We would like to remind Italian donors that donations to non-profit organisations are deductible from your taxes up to 10% of the tax dues. Conto Corrente Banca Etruria, Agenzia di Capolona IBAN: IT80 C053 9071 3500 0000 0005 931 Conto Corrente Postale, n. 72273154 IBAN: IT47 P076 0114 1000 0007 2273 154

Thank you from the animals.

Do Something Great on World Animal Day – Donate to Lo Scudo di Pan!

Today is World Animal Day, and also the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals. 


  • To celebrate animal life in all its forms

  • To celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom

  • To acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives – from being our companions, supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives
  • To acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives

Begun back in 1931 at an ecologists' convention in Florence, Tuscany, World Animal Day was initially conceived as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. Since then it has grown to include all animals and is a day for animal-lovers all over the world to celebrate our wonderful four legged, two legged and no legged friends!

Because of the Italy connection I would like to ask you to do something very special this World Animal Day. Near where we live in the Casentino, Tuscany, is a tiny non profit organisation called Lo Scudo di Pan. (Pan's Shield).


Surviving entirely on donations this group of dedicated volunteers work tirelessly and in very difficult circumstances to look after a range of abandoned and sick animals. I know the founder and have adopted two birds from there. They are amazing, amazing people and they do it all from a little house in the middle of a small town.

Unsurprisingly they are frightened that some people may object to them looking after all these creatures (many handicapped) in the middle of town and fear the animals may be poisoned.

They want to buy some land in the countryside and set up a proper sanctuary, which in this part of the world is relatively cheap to do. But despite their best efforts, they are not managing to raise much money towards this worthy goal. Animals come at the bottom of the list for many people here and so Lo Scudo di Pan continue to run their second hand stalls and get increasingly inventive in their fundraising, but they are barely managing to hold it together.



If you live in Italy you can also donate through your bank or the post office: with DONAZIONE as the subject.

Conto Corrente Postale   72273154
Codice IBAN: IT47 P076 0114 1000 0007 2273 154


Conto Corrente Banca Etruria Agenzia di Capolona
Codice IBAN: IT80 C053 9071 3500 0000 0005 931

Thank you so much.