Adopt Me! Dogs and Puppies in Italy Looking for New Homes

First of all, it’s great you are thinking of getting a dog or a puppy. There are plenty of them in Italy looking for good homes.

How to source a pedigree.

  • If you want a particular breed then Google the breed and the area you are in, for example” Yorkshire terrier, Roma” .
  • You can also check out your local free ads paper
  • Ask at your local vets or pet shop
  • Look up breeders in your area. The Italian word for breeders is “allevamento”. You may need to use the Italian name of the breed, so use an online dictionary to get the breed translated. you can then do a Google search for “allevamento pastore tedesco lazio” for example (German Shepherd breeders Lazio.)

Please don’t email me asking to help you find puppies  for sale. I don’t know of any or have any contacts.

Adopting a rescue dog

If you are thinking of getting a puppy or adult dog, then please consider adopting a dog that needs a home from a canile or refuge. Our own beautiful English setter Gassie and our crossbreed Mana’ were both adopted through answering appeals on the internet . They are just wonderful.

  • Ask at your local comune for the name of your local canile (dog home)
  • Ask your vet
  • Ask in pet shops, which often have ads by the counter for  homelessdogs
  • Look in the local free ads paper. The word for “free” is regalo, in regalo or regalarsi
  • Do an online search using keywords for example “cane in regalo, Arezzo”
  • Ask your neighbours or in the local bar
  • Visit one of the many sites online devoted to finding homes for dogs. The links are below. Please note that many of these sites are run by volunteers and often they don’t reply to emails. It is always best to phone if you can. If you don’t speak Italian get an Italian speaking friend to call for you.

Here are links to the main Italian sites for rehoming dogs and puppies: