Naming a Pigeon

Just got back from a week in the UK. Alan has been looking after the animals and has pointed out that I had probably misheard the pigeon's name, which I was convinced was Picchio. (Pronounced pick-ee-oh).

'Don't you think it's probably Piccio?' he said. (Pronounced Pitch – ee-oh).

'Piccio?' I replied, immediately realised that this was right, doh, how annoying! 

'As in the Italian equivalent of 'Pidgie'? Rather than ' Woodpecker' which is what you've been calling him?'

'I think it suits him,' I said, in defiant mode. 'Anyway, he knows it now.'

'What, Woodpecker the pigeon?'


'How do you know he knows it?

'Well, he kind of makes a warbling sound when I say it.'

At this point Alan gave up the discussion and we moved on to what Picchio eats. 

On my return I asked about our new little pigeon friend. 'Did he make that funny sound when you fed him?' .

'No, he just sat on the branch looking at me.'

'Ah, well that's because you called him the wrong name!'

He looked at me and sighed. So Woodpecker the pigeon it is!




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