The Big Day Approaches

Well, I’m just back from a short trip to the Uk to see my Mum who is recovering well from her broken hip. I have been in touch with Daria and Alessandro who are fostering the dog we are adopting, Gaspare, and he is coming tomorrow morning at 11 am. We are so excited!

The castration couldn’t go ahead as when Daria took him to the vet in Milan it was discovered he is very anaemic. They suspect Erlichiosis as they have run a batch of other tests which have proved negative thank goodness. Alessandro rang me to tell me last night and of course to see if we still wanted him in view of the health issues. In fact it makes us want him even more. As both my two dogs are sterilized there is no problem on the castration front and we can get him ‘done’ later.

I am a bit nervous of how the other two dogs are going to accept him and the three ‘wild’ cats but am hoping it will all go smoothly. No point stressing about it. It’ll take time. Mind you, I have been madly watching every available episode of The Dog Whisperer on satellite tv and picking up a gazillion tips.

Gaspare is coming early (well late morning) as that gives the dogs more time to get used to each other, I’m still deciding whether to introduce them on neutral territory as the garden is pretty big and it is soooo HOT here at the moment that the thought of going into the next door field for the introductions is making me feel quite faint! I talked to my Mum’s dog’s ‘foster Mum’ Jenny while in the UK and she had twelve (yes 12) dogs staying with her on the day I picked Maxie up. She hasn’t got the luxury of going to neutral ground with so many dogs coming and going so they just have to get on with it. I reckon I will take a leaf out of her book.

OK, I’ll report back on how we get on as soon as I can! Fingers crossed.

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