URGENT!! Can You Help a Pregnant Little Cat?

Central Italy  - Tuscany /Umbria area

Aprile (600 x 450)

Can you help give a home or foster home to a lovely little cat APRILE who is very pregnant, kittens due in three weeks. She is currently being taken care of by Cristina who found her straying. Cristina lives in a small apartment with her own cat Catpuchino, and is just about to move to another apartment. She is at her wits' end as no-one seems to be able to help her. Can you?

She writes: "If I had a larger apartment or a shed for protection, I would make her a comfortable home. If I can't home her, I will have to put her and the kittens in the bathroom, which I fear will be stressful for her and Catpuccino, but we will all cope. 

"Aprile is more of a people cat than my own Catpuccino. She loves to be petted and to sleep on the couch. She stays outdoors most of the time now, though, since it is warm. She eats dry and wet food. 

"In my heart, I want her to have a home with someone who will love her and let her live indoors and out. Someone did offer to put her in a shed to catch mice, but she is not feral or one to live totally outdoors. I don't know where she came from, but she has never gone back. She's a people cat… and so I want a home for her that is more than outdoors on her own. "Perhaps there could be a foster home for her, where someone could care for her with the kittens, and then find homes for them. She will need to be spayed, too. "

Please contact Cristina by email: christinecovelli@gmail.com 


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