URGENT – Please Can Your Help Find Homes for Two Elderly Female Dogs?

Hello lovely pets in Italy followers. I am calling on your help again to find a new home for two old ladies who need to be rehomed urgently. They are both thirteen years old and are a Rottweiler – Cavalli and a Golden Retriever – Tempest.

Cavalli-1 Tempest-1

Reet contacted me from New York to explain that their owner is an elderly gentleman – Reet's father – living near Milan. Sadly he is no longer able to take care of himself and so Reet is taking him to live with his sister in India, which leaves these two gorgeous dogs without a home.

Clearly at their age they will not be able to make a long journey to the USA or India and so need to find a caring loving home where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace, get lots of cuddles and help overcoming the bewilderment they will feel in having the only owner they have ever known disappear from their lives.

It's a big ask I know, but I think there will be some lovely kind hearted person out there who can make this happen.

Here is what Reet says about Cavalli and Tempest:  "Both are female
     a. a Golden Retriever named Tempest who is very submissive and just wants to be petted and given affection to.  She has a little eye issue, but the vet gave her drops to clear up the infection (or whatever it was)
     b. a Rottweiler named Cavalli who is a the dominant one of the two, very playful, but calm and affectionate as well.
– I'm not sure if they are neutered (but at this age, I'm not sure it matters)
– they are about 13-14yrs old.
– vaccinations are up to date
– they grew up on my dad's property with a few cats around, but I don't know how friendly they were to the cats when they were younger, but I know that that one of them wasn't friendly to the gophers who popped up every now and again.
– they are friendly around people and kids, but Cavalli is a little cautious at first.
– I haven't not seen them in about 4-5 years, but I really love them and loved spending time with them.
– they are currently in Biandronno (about 30min northwest of Milan)

I'll be in visiting my dad for a few days next week: arriving Jan 19th. and leaving on the 22nd.  I'll then be coming back at the end of February to take him and a few suitcases to India for good.  I'm sure I'll come back a few times to check on the dogs and his house.  Here is my other contact information:

Cell phone in the US: 917-572-3688 
Email: rockgin@gmail.com



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